01. LIV!


Gaia! Gaia!
How long? Not long…

New Souls Hear the Call
We come in to build a bridge
Tear down the wall

Gimme the microphone
I’ma kick it old school
Wit my backpack
KRS-One in the tape deck

New Souls Hear the Call
We came in to build a bridge
Not a wall

The future is waiting
For a vision
Don’t waste your time
Negativity will rob you blind
That’s The Law

Wake up now
Its time to remember
Why you’re here
And what is your purpose

We came to raise the vibration
Anchor the light
And dismantle dysfunction

Forevah we push
Forevah we shove
Forevah We Ride the Light

Forevah we fight
Forevaqh we bleed
Forevah light up the night

One love, One life
gotto live, gotto live, gotto live

like its your last day

Gaia! how long?

new souls hear the call
we came in to build a bridge
and tear down the wall
gimme another chance
i wanna make it alright
i gotta heart like a lion
i eat my prey son

new souls